Fredericko! (mangabother) wrote in ffxi_caitsith,

Ono feel soo sad lol

Yeah I had to cancell my order for Orphen VS Slayers manga..NOOOOOOOOOOO lol

They were taking way too long to get it and i think its just they couldnt find it so they gave me the option to cancel that item and dispatch the rest of the order i got with it (The 2nd Special parody Orphen manga and a slayer manga).........sooo damn it lol I really wanted it.

*Looks at Yesasia in a Evil way*..............我は歌う破壊の聖音!!!!!!!!..............*Big explostion*........oops lol

*The Japanese I think says "I sing thee, Holy sound of destruction!"........This spell is used by Orphen a few times in the novels and Slayers Vs Orphen drama CD.
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